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Beihai Yibao Trading Co.,Ltd

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Beihai Yibao Trading Co.,Ltd was established in 2005 which is egaging in marketing, imports and exports and international businesses as the subsidiary of GuangXi PENSHIBAO group. It’s locating in the southern, China with standing famous tourism seashore city—Beihai Guangzi Autonomous region.

Our main products are Foliar fertilizers, agrochemicals,fodder additives,aquatic feeding additives and daily consumer prodcuts. We are now not only dealing with our products, but also doing kinds of the prodcuts and technologies importing and exporting businesses for our customers as their trust sole agent.

We has our unique marketing which is continue base on engaging farming and planting products, and forther to develop in products of aquatic feeding, mieral, chemical,eletrics, arts and crafts.

There are many active young capable specialists in business and trade constructed a strong leading trade company. It subdivides of international trade, domestic marketing,purchase,shipping and finance.

We offer the best services and high quality products for our customers, not only in overseas but also in domestic.
1.Professional deputing on import and export cargoes services
2.Providing packages of international trade, sourcing, forwarding, inspections and customs declarations.
3.Special broker for our special customers per their special requires on quite fast customs clearances and tax consulting services to reduce the shipping cost and save upmost profits in global trades.
4.Domestic marketing in China.

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Lanson Liang