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The plastic waste recycling company constantly offers washed, filtered recycled granules:
1) Low pressure polyethylene (НDPE, HDPE-273,293). For the production of bags from 25 microns, bottles, cans, pipes, etc. Color green, red, white, yellow, blue, black, light blue, light green, cherry, brown, purple. Volume 10-30 tons / month.
2) Pipe polyethylene (pipe granule HDPE (HDPE) + LDPE (LDPE)). For the production of polyethylene (PE) pipes. Analogs of PE-100, PE-80, PE-69, PE-63. Black color. Volume 10-50 tons / month.
3) Low pressure polyethylene (starting material - beer crate). Volume 15 t / month. Black color..
4) Low pressure polyethylene (НDPE, HDPE-271,276,277). It is used for manufacturing by injection molding. Colors white, blue, yellow, green, red, gray, blue, black. Volume 10-20 tons / month
5) High impact polystyrene (UPM, HIPS). For the production of expanded polystyrene, household goods.
Colors - white, black, gray, red, blue, light blue, yellow. Volume 10-30 tons / month.
6) Secondary polypropylene (PP, RR). For the production of corrugated pipes, household goods, etc.
Colors - black, gray, white. Volume 10-30 tons / month.
7) Secondary stretch granule (for the manufacture of roofing material, shingles, etc.) Color - dark. Volume 50 t / month.
Machine norms on site and with delivery, export possible (EXW). Any form of payment. Fraction 3-5 mm, in bags of 30 kg, big-bag packaging on order is possible.
We do not work with the railway. We work with and without VAT. Absolutely any form of payment.
Producer of secondary granules in Ukraine. The largest polyethylene producer in Ukraine